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010 How to Handle the Salary Question

Recruiters will ask you “what was your salary at your last position?” Listener of the show, Shawn, writes “What’s the best way for a job seeker to handle the “what are your salary requirements?” I’m attaching a link to a recent article on LinkedIn that argues for politely refusing to give out your salary history,… Read More »

008 Why Some Recruiters Suck

Some recruiters just plain suck? They often times create bad experiences for job seekers. There’s no question about that. I often hear from job seekers about their bad interactions with recruiters. It irks me to no end because it doesn’t take much to do the right thing and create a great experience for a job applicant. While… Read More »

005 Rise Above The Competition, Here’s How

Don’t let hiring managers or recruiters compare your experience apples-to-apples with other hiring prospects. Rise above the competition, be an orange! It is the new year and you may have personal goals, or maybe resolutions, take action now that will ultimately make you more attractive to your organization or new employer. I talk about personal branding, putting yourself out… Read More »