Job Seeker Resources

You are looking for your next opportunity. Here are resources for you, the job seeker. I hope you find them helpful. Feel free to download/copy/share. I use Google Docs to create them.

Click on the corresponding icon to download.

Resume Templates

icon-doc-40x46Chronological, General. Default chronological resume template shows off your work experience through time. (.docx)

icon-doc-40x46 Chronological, Skills. This one has a section for a professional that would like to highlight multiple skills. I find this a nice format for information technology professionals. (.docx)

icon-doc-40x46Functional. Functional resume template, this format highlights details like ‘Leadership’, Job Function, ‘Business’, ‘Projects’. Good when you are making a career change to a different industry/role. (.docx)

icon-sheet-40x46Job Tracking Sheet. Here is a spreadsheet you can use to help track the submissions you’ve made. Contains fields: date, employer, status… The 2nd sheet in the workbook contains fields you can modify options for actions and status. (.xlxs)

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