This is where I will post different, freely available, resources for job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers. I will break up the different resources for the different audiences, i.e. resume templates will be listed under ‘Job Seekers’ while a sample intake/order form will be listed under ‘Recruiters’, etc.

This will be an evolving area of the Talent Jockey website and hope you find some of them useful. While I created many of them using Google Docs, you are welcome to access and share them without permission. You are also allowed to copy/paste/convert the files in MS Word if you prefer. Please contact me if you are not able to download/copy a provided document.

Hiring Managers

Interview guides, forms that you can use to write down notes from phone screens and interviews you have conducted, and more. Free resources that can help you, the hiring manager.

Job Seekers

Resume Templates, lists of questions for hiring managers, submission tracking sheets and more. This is a repository of documents that can assist you with your job search.

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