007 What a HR Recruiter Does After Meeting with Hiring Manager

By | January 26, 2015

Picking up from episode 006 where we talk about the recruiter meeting with the hiring manager about a job vacancy. In this episode I go into what a corporate HR recruiter does after they have the details from the hiring manager. Sure, there are the obvious details that include posting the position, reviewing resumes of applicant from job seekers, and routing the info back to the hiring manager; I elaborate on a few key steps.

Things can happen from posting the position to making a final offer to an applicant. Recruiters and hiring managers may need to make changes or adjustments. Job seekers can benefit from knowing what may go wrong – delays, pitfalls, lack of timely responses and disconnects on expectations. A good episode to help everyone involved.

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Photo credit: Tim Green aka atoach / Foter / CC BY

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