009 Four Things Managers Can Do To Help Recruit Talent

By | February 9, 2015

How can managers help recruit talent? I list four things that will help recruiters while at the same time create a positive experience for applicants.

While the argument can be made that attracting job applicants and getting them to apply to an open job vacancy falls to the recruiting function, help from hiring managers can pay off huge dividends. Timeliness is important. Routing resumes, getting feedback, setting expectations with job applicants can set yourself aside from organizations that are competing for great talent. Making a first impression is also important. Often times a recruiter and hiring manager working together shows a level of professionalism and synchronicity that won’t go unnoticed by job applicants and new hires. The unemployment rate has been slowly decreasing. Industry sectors, like Information Technology, can have negative unemployment. You have to step up the game, and organizations need to do whatever it takes to land a well-qualified individual, or lose them to your competition.

What actions are your hiring managers taking to help recruit talent into your organization?


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