014 Seeking Job Help From A Trusted Source

By | March 16, 2015

John was in a temp job, but wanted full-time employment. He wasn’t sure what to do about his situation. He definitely needed some help. Here’s the story.

I met John through a mutual friend. He was in a temporary position for over 6 months. He was placed with an employer through a local temp agency. He liked his assignment and the employer, but he really wanted to be a full-time employee for the organization versus a temporary. The employer had not determined if they would bring him on as an FTE. What does John do? He seeks out help from a trusted source.

We have lots of influences and get plenty of advice from friends and family making the situation cloudy. It can be hard to decide on what you should do when it comes to employment and your profession. That’s why it’s important to seek out someone that can help lift the fog, clear the path, which will allow you to make decisions that will benefit you without burning a bridge or falling on your face.

Do you have someone in your network that can help provide you with clearer choices? Let me know in the comments, email sean@talentjockey.com or leave a voice mail at 608.616.0775.

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