001 Introduction To Talent Jockey

By | December 13, 2014

The first episode is an introduction to Talent Jockey. What is this podcast about? ┬áIt caters to job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers. They all have their respected challenges but all have the same common goal. Job seekers want a position that matches their skills, challenges them, good benefits and help them grow professionally. Whether you work in staffing or corporate HR, recruiters want to find those awesome people that can be a good fit for their clients. Hiring managers are needing people to join their team. It’s about providing insight and advice into making this a win, win, win for everyone.

Why am I doing the show? Well, it really is about helping everyone that is involved in the world of talent acquisition.

I talk a bit about myself. It’s only fair you know my background. I think it’s important to know what shoes I’ve worn and what paths I’ve traveled. Don’t worry, it’s not my complete autobiography.

I’m excited about all this and I hope you are too!

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