023 Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is becoming more and more important when attracting talent to your organization. With the learning curve of social media starting to flatten and candidates doing more research on organizations, the recruiter and hiring manager need to be conscious of this component of hiring. It is not hard to provide a good candidate experience.… Read More »

022 Tips for Writing a Job Posting

Tips for writing a job posting. Some will say that the hiring manager should be the one to write the job posting. Sure, they may know their area better than a recruiter, the recruiter needs to know how to sexy it up and market the position. In this episode I list 8 things you need… Read More »

021 Peeple – People Reviewing Application

Peeple is scheduled to launch in November 2015. How you leave reviews for restaurants on Yelp, Peeple is where you leave reviews of people. Good? Bad? I consider some of the details outlined in this article published by the Washingtonpost.com Somebody had to think of this before. There is Hot or Not where you determine whether a… Read More »

020 Going Back to Recruiting, Recruiting

What’s the deal with Talent Jockey? Oh, and I’m going back to frontline recruiting. I have contemplated how to approach the Talent Jockey podcast. Do I do it every week? Is there a passion to put it out there? I don’t know, is the quick answer. I started Talent Jockey to do a few things.… Read More »

019 A Plea To Hiring Managers

In a plea to hiring managers I discuss an article written by Katelyn LaGarde entitled How Top Candidates Really Feel About Recruiters: 5 Brutally Honest Lessons. Katelyn attended industry sourcing conference SourceCon and talks about a panel that included five ideal candidates spoke about their experiences with recruiters – what they do right, what they do wrong and… Read More »